Monday, September 27, 2010


Miracles do happen, I can see,
Because you are now communicating with me,
This connection I’ve yearned for deep in my soul,
Has been my most fervent goal.

Knowing we can connect from different spheres,
Is profoundly comforting when you’re not here,
I could not bear the loss of the closeness we knew,
What a gift to have you come through.

How healing to know that all is one,
On this journey I’ve begun,
I am working on what I can learn,
As my life takes this new turn.

What a blessing that you stay near,
Helping to make my path more clear,
Without this reassurance from the Divine,
It would be easy to give up over time.

I pray my suffering and sorrow will transform,
Into peace and joy as hope is reborn,
Love is the message and the call,
For it is love that sustains us all.

Thank you for being a messenger from Spirit,
With God’s grace I am able to hear it,
This validation that love never ends,
Helps give me the faith that my heart will mend.

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Loraine Ritchey said...

Hi I sent you an email from another address ( may have gone into spam) my thatwb addy is up the spout but I too hope you find a connection- Loraine

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