Saturday, September 18, 2010

Without Any Warning

As a dedicated mother and wife,
I was very happy with my life,
Busy with my husband, daughter, and son,
I looked forward to things to come.

My entire world changed one morning,
Without any warning,
As I was sleeping in my bed,
I learned my precious son was dead.

How could I imagine to see,
A child of mine die before me?
It goes against the natural order of life,
Leaving us in trauma and strife.

There were times I thought of dying,
Every day I’m still crying,
I can’t believe my son is gone,
It’s so hard to keep moving on.

Our family of four,
Is no more,
How empty it now feels to me,
To be a family of three.

Sometimes I feel like screaming,
As I search for purpose and meaning,
With the hope that his death will lead,
To something greater to believe.

His life was a gift for whatever the time,
I was blessed to call him mine,
He is gone, and yet he is here,
His presence is felt, warm and dear.

Bodies die but love never ends,
Love is the power that transcends,
He is with me every day,
Only in a different way.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that I ran across this blog. I met you and your family at Graham's funeral. I know the next few days will be hard for you and I am thinking of you all during this time. Here is my e-mail address if you ever wish to contact me:
Warm regards,
Hannah McCarthy

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