Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Magic of Love

Christmas 2006 was our last Christmas with Graham.  Here is a picture of Graham with his sister, Laura, with some of their gifts.  We cherish that last Christmas.  Nine months later Graham was gone in a moment, and our whole world changed. 
It now seems like a fantasy,
When you were my son here with me,
A wonderful magical time,
When I was yours and you were mine.

The future held no fears,
I looked forward to coming years,
You were always returning home,
Or talking with me on the phone.

I see you in my mind’s eye,
It’s so hard to believe you died,
Forever you will be twenty-two,
Time stopped then for me and you.

Perhaps time is not what we think,
That we have an eternal link,
And there can somehow still be magic,
Within an event that’s so tragic.

Love is what will transcend all pain,
From love is the magic that we gain,
You can never truly be separate from me,
Because love has no finality.

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