Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Child Forever

In the darkness with my tears,
Grieving that you are no longer here,
I rub my heart to ease the pain,
That has settled in my chest again.

I talk to you in my mind,
You are with me all the time,
Your dad and I mention you every day,
Because you are only thoughts away.

You remain our child forever,
Every moment shared we remember,
We often smile as well as cry,
With only memories since you died.

Occasions of humor and family joy,
Special times with our dear boy,
You couldn’t have been a more loving son,
We were blessed with your devotion.

I am so grateful to have been your mom,
And would give anything if you weren’t gone,
You live with me now in a spiritual way,
Your love encircles me each day.

I love you so very much,
I miss that we can’t physically touch,
Or pick up the phone and speak with you,
Like I always used to do.

Watch for us at Heaven’s gate,
Your dad and I know you wait,
With pure joy we will reunite,
In God’s love and celestial light.

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Anonymous said...

As I read your book cover to cover, I was unable to stop the tears. Being a mother who lost her daughter in 2008 at the age of 21, I feel everthing that you feel. I am so lost without her. I have two older children who I love dearly, but my youngest daughter was my life. She and I lived together for 8 years. She told me I was her hero and how she loved me. I told her we would be together forever. Then I lost her. I have felt everything you wrote as if I wrote it myself. Thank you for putting feelings into words that I can keep. Thalia

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