Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Pervasive Sadness

We set a place for Graham for our Christmas dinner yesterday.   I know he was with us in spirit, but we like to also have him symbolically at the table.  We love you, Graham, and are so grateful to have had 21 precious Christmases with you.  You are forever in our hearts.
I don’t know why my son passed away,
I miss him every single day,
A pervasive sadness stays with me,
Keeping constant company.

I still smile, but my smile holds sorrow,
For the loss of him in our tomorrows,
There was such joy while he was here,
And anticipation of the coming years.

The energy he brought to our lives is gone,
There is such emptiness as we carry on,
Nothing can ever take the place,
Of seeing our son’s beloved face.

I pray that love will fill this hole,
That has been torn into my soul,
Heavenly comfort to sustain me,
As I learn to accept what must be.

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