Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chinese Lantern Launch

A few nights ago our local chapter of the Bereaved Parents of the USA held a potluck dinner and Chinese lantern launch in honor of our precious children.  I was inspired to write this poem for it.  The lanterns were white hearts!  It was a very special evening.
Chinese Lantern Launch

A special Chinese lantern night,
To reflect our children’s love and light,
Launched into the evening sky,
Glimmering among the stars on high.

Amidst the clouds, up to the moon,
Ascending for our children gone too soon,
Carrying our prayers and all our love,
To our dear ones in the heavens above.

Magical, luminous, sparkling glows,
Like our children’s lives we were blessed to know,
We love you, we miss you, feel our hearts’ wishes,
Sent to you with our love and kisses.

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