Monday, November 30, 2009

My Heart Keeps Beating

Somehow my heart keeps beating,
And I am still breathing,
The sun rises each morning and sets each night,
Evening darkness and morning light.

The world still revolves and life moves on,
But it’s fundamentally altered now that you are gone,
I miss you son, I miss my friend,
I never imagined your life would end.

Two years ago you passed away,
But it feels like only yesterday,
I sometimes imagine that you’ll walk through our door,
Coming home to visit once more.

I would give anything for this to be true,
To have the life back that we knew,
Mentally I know there’s a purpose for this to be,
Emotionally I just want you here with me.

You live in my heart every minute of every day,
Feel the love I send your way,
Thank you Graham, for being my son,
My heart’s joy and treasured one.

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strokeofliving said...

Claire Ann,

Did I ever tell you how handsome I think Graham is? And I say is because he lives in you and comes out through your beautiful poetry. Well done!

I hope that your Thanksgiving was joyful in spite of Graham's physical absence. I keep you and your family lifted up in prayer.

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