Monday, April 19, 2010

Angels Across the USA

     Last month my husband and I went to see Alan Pedersen at an event sponsored by our local Bereaved Parents of the USA chapter.  Alan is a singer/songwriter/speaker who lost his daughter in 2001.  Through this grief and trauma he has focused his talents on comforting the bereaved.  He has produced three beautiful CD's dealing with the loss of a child.

     For 2010 Alan and his wife are driving all across the country bringing his message to grieving families.  The tour is called Angels Across the USA.  Our son is one of the angels traveling with him.  Here is the link to read about his wonderful work:
   They've posted pictures of all of our angel children on their Angels Across the USA Facebook page; Graham's picture is the second picture in the second row on this page:
Angels last name S-Z      

   Bless Alan and his wife Denise in this inspired journey.  I wrote this poem after the evening we heard Alan speak.   

Angels across the USA,
Are our children who passed away,
Flying now with angelic wings,
Accompanying Alan as he sings.

Songs of hope and songs of faith,
Songs of love and heartbreak,
Our children are the chorus we hear,
Their voices blending strong and clear.

We love you angel daughters and sons,
Bring your message to everyone,
Love is eternal, love never dies,
Together forever, no final good-byes.

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