Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Birthday

     Today is my birthday.  Three years ago Graham was here to help celebrate the day.  I have this great picture of the two of us taken after blowing out the candles on my cake - he is wearing one of his favorite shirts!  It's a wonderful memory.

The day has dawned bright and clear,
Another birthday without you here,
I am doing better this year than last,
With the three years that have passed.

I still see you with me back then,
Home with us for the celebration,
You watched as I put candles on my cake,
The one which I had happily baked.

I have a great picture of you and me,
It is a wonderful memory,
A mother and son sharing a special day,
Never imagining you would pass away.

I don’t like to see pictures of me now,
My face is not the same somehow,
I look a little sad and drawn,
Ever since you’ve been gone.

Maybe one day a spark of life will return,
As I continue to live and learn,
There will be no happily ever after,
But I have the memories of love and laughter.

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