Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Save a Place for Me

   This amazing painting is by the gifted Lynda Vugler.  She is an architect and artist in New Zealand.  She painted this day and night for an entire week.  She had never met Graham, and composed this using pictures we sent her.  She told us she felt Graham's presence while she worked, aiding her in this extraordinary work.  We will be forever grateful for this precious gift.  You can see some of her work at her website,

Save a place for me in Heaven,
I am knocking at the door,
When the time comes for me to enter,
You’re the one I’ll be looking for.

I am climbing God’s stairway,
Toward that heavenly glow,
Focused on forever,
There’s so much I want to know.

In the garden of the Divine,
All will be revealed,
I open my heart in acceptance,
Praying daily to be healed.

No more tears in Heaven,
Only love and peace prevail,
All burdens will be lifted,
When we move beyond the veil.

I feel your love surround me,
In God’s heavenly embrace,
With  a team of caring angels,
Guiding me with grace.

I love you more than ever,
And miss you every day,
Save a place for me in Heaven,
I am on my way.

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Loraine Ritchey said...

It is truly a beautiful work of art and I hope with its beauty also comes peace. Loraine

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