Friday, April 2, 2010

Sword Through The Heart

My husband and I visited dear friends who live in Germany in September.  We toured many beautiful cities in southern Germany and also went to Salzburg, Austria.  While we were in Salzburg we went in several magnificent churches and cathedrals.  These statues were in two of the churches in Salzburg.  It was overwhelming to me seeing  Mary and Jesus this way.  I stood there with tears running down my face, identifying so strongly with Mary as a mother who has also had a sword pierced through the heart.  I wrote this poem after this experience.

Mary was given a prophecy,
When Jesus was a baby,
Simeon told her in so many words,
Her heart would one day be pierced with a sword.

Mary pondered the words that he said,
Thoughts going around in her head,
But how could she ever imagine,
The crucifixion that would happen?

I identify with Mary and the sword through her heart,
My son died too, and I am torn apart,
The anguish of losing a beloved son,
Is beyond most people’s comprehension.

When a child dies, while not Christ on the cross,
Every mother feels the same loss,
Christ and Mary understand what mothers feel,
And with divine love and compassion help us to heal.

I pray for God’s mercy and grace,
So that I may have this sword replaced,
And in its stead my heart be filled,
With peace and love by Spirit instilled.

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