Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Spring

Spring is a time of awakening,
But when your heart is breaking,
There is a poignancy to this season,
Difficulty finding the reason;
To appreciate the birds now singing,
The signs of life the sun is bringing,
The budding trees,
The fresh new leaves.

The flowers are lovely, the breeze is mild,
But I don't have my child,
It's hard to get past the pain,
To focus on what was gained;
I want my heart to be filled with love,
And grateful remembrances of,
All the activities and the things,
That we would do each spring.

Your March birthday memories,
The fun Easter Sundays,
Special times we’ll forever recall,
As a family enjoying them all;
The bonds of love will always stay,
Time can never take love away,
I am learning to build my life anew,
With every precious memory of you.

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