Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If Only

     Here are some of the last pictures we have of Graham.  They were taken on the Fourth of July, 2007, on our patio.  Our daughter and my parents and a few of our neighbors came to help celebrate the day.  It was a fun day of family and friends.  Sometimes the simplest times become cherished  memories.  Make the most of all your moments.
If dreams could come true,
I would still be with you,
We would never count the days,
Because you would not have passed away.

Each morning when I rise,
There would be no thought that you died,
Every day I would awake with joy,
Happy with life and my wonderful boy.

Sometimes dreams come to an end,
I’ll not see my son in this life again,
He’s the last thought when I go to bed at night,
And my first thought with the morning light.

If only you were not really dead,
And would be coming home instead,
I’d like to pretend you’ve just been away for awhile,
Separated by nothing more than miles.

Time moves differently now that you are gone,
It’s so hard to keep moving on,
You are remembered and loved more than I can say,
And I miss you every single day.

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