Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Song in my Heart

As deep as all the oceans and the seas,
That’s what our love meant to me,
As limitless as the skies,
You were the sparkle of joy in my eyes.

Every day was an adventure with you,
I never knew what you would do,
You had brilliant ideas and wonderful plans,
We were looking forward to seeing firsthand.

With movie star looks and the greatest smile,
You were my handsome golden child,
An ambitious young man pursuing your dreams,
With your artistic vision as the means.

Some days I feel strong,
Others like I’m barely hanging on,
Having you die before I do,
Is an anguish I can’t believe I’m going through.

I was beside you every step of your way,
You brought joy to my world each day,
A mother loving her dearest son and friend,
Never imagining our time would end.

You are the song in my heart,
Death cannot keep us apart,
I will celebrate you until the day I die,
When we will never again say good-bye.

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