Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Without You

Losing a child feels totally wrong,
I am working hard to be strong,
I love all of my family,
But there is an empty place inside of me.

Just to make it through each day,
Is more agonizing than I can say,
Why, God, does this have to be?
Is there something greater for me to see?

So much of my life was built around you,
Isn’t that normal for a mother to do?
I was focused on helping you progress,
As your mother, wanting your best.

There was such satisfaction in watching you grow,
A special young man for everyone to know,
Your happiness gave me great joy,
It’s what I hoped for the most, my precious boy.

I know in Heaven there are no worries or stress,
And that you are filled with great happiness,
While I am human and still living here,
I just wish that you were near.

I miss you every minute,
Life’s so hard without you in it,
I pray this pain will one day end,
And I will feel joy once again.

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