Monday, June 21, 2010

I'll Love You Forever

Please give me a message, show me a sign,
Let me know we’re connected through time,
Physically parted, souls still entwined,
I’ll love you forever, child of mine.

You were once a part of me,
My cherished little baby,
A treasured son come to earth,
When I was blessed to give you birth.

I sang you sweet lullabies,
Quieted your baby cries,
I soothed your childhood fears,
Dried away all your tears.

You filled my life in so many ways,
Bringing purpose to my days,
I couldn’t have loved you any more than I do,
How can your life be through?

Where are you now my son?
I’ll  miss you forever precious one,
Our years together seem like a dream,
What does my life now mean?

My world has been torn apart,
But you are written across my heart,
You will always be a part of me,
Connected through eternity.

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