Friday, March 12, 2010


I wrote this with a friend in mind who lost her son too.  She has had several unusual dragonfly occurrences since her son died.  Many people feel that our loved ones in spirit use dragonflies as a sign of  their continued love and connection.  ( My husband was lucky to capture this great  picture of a dragonfly for me to use with this poem)!

Dragonflies represent change,
And beside water they like to range,
They also represent our subconscious mind,
And relate to thoughts during meditative times.

A meaningful sign when they appear,
Letting us know our departed ones are near,
Sending us their energy of harmony and peace,
With their beautiful wings to comfort and ease.

I thank the angels each time I see,
A dragonfly circling around me,
It may seem trivial to a few,
But I know they are sent with love by you.

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