Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Saddest Words

The saddest words I can ever say,
Are that I had a son, but he passed away,
No one, however aware,
Can imagine the pain that I now bear.

Why would this be assigned,
To me in this lifetime?
How could I ever choose to part,
With the treasure of my heart?

There is nothing that will ever fix,
A world that's been blown to bits,
One day all you thought to be true,
No longer applies to you.

A wake up call,
That takes your all,
And leaves you screaming,
Searching for meaning.

My life is all asunder,
But I don't want to go under,
I'm grasping for the lifeline,
To make it through this time.

Shall I sink or shall I swim,
I don't know where to begin,
Sometimes I'd like to float away,
Not having to struggle another day.

Now my inside is coming out,
Helping to remove fear and doubt,
So I take another stroke,
Gradually moving toward the hope.

That in time the seas will calm,
And I will find the balm,
Because everything that I need,
Is really right inside of me.

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