Sunday, March 21, 2010

Angel Boy

(To see the stars, click for larger picture.)

My angel boy in Heaven,
Spread your wings and fly,
High amidst the clouds and stars,
Across a twinkling sky.

Another ray of starlight,
Beside a brilliant moon,
Your spirit soars with happiness,
Singing a glorious tune.

A spark of God reunited,
Luminous in your joy,
At home again in Heaven,
My darling angel boy.

Shine your light upon me,
Help me find my way,
The days are filled with shadows,
Since you passed away.

Lead me on to Heaven,
When I die and am reborn,
Sparkling like a diamond,
Where no longer I will mourn.

Two lights that will be shining,
Forever side by side,
With the company of angels,
We’ll joyfully abide.

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