Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Birthday Candle

Today is Graham's  birthday.  He would be 25 years old.  I wrote this poem  thinking about his birthday and the candle we will have burning all day in his memory.  He is with us always.

This morning we light a candle,
And watch the flame at play,
A candle lit with all our love,
On this special day.

Gone, but not forgotten,
Forever in our hearts,
The candle flame reminds us,
We are never far apart.

A life and love remembered,
We honor you this day,
And celebrate our moments,
Time can never take away.

For each precious memory,
For every treasured year,
We are so very grateful,
For the time that you were here.

Happy birthday to you in Heaven,
Feel the wishes that we send,
We’ll be your mom and dad forever,
Our love will never end.

These are pictures from last year when we had Graham's closest friends over to celebrate his birthday.  The day was much easier with them here.  It was wonderful to reminisce about the good times they all had together.  We are very thankful that Graham had such good friends.  Their love and continued ties with us mean so much.   Thank you Julia, Mike, Vineet, and Jack.


We are having a birthday party for you this year,
 Your good friends will all be here,
Twenty-four years old you would be today,
Had you not passed away.

There will be lots of food that I will make,
And your handsome face is on the cake,
Birthday candles, plates and napkins,
It's still so hard to believe this happened.

In our backyard,
Where your apple trees are,
We will release balloons,
Commemorating a life gone too soon.

With messages of remembrance and love,
To float to you in the sky above,
The day will be bittersweet,
Mixed feelings of joy and grief.

Joy for every moment we shared,
The love that was beyond compare,
Sorrow that our time together is gone,
We must now look beyond.

Certain you will join us in spirit,
Will surely help to cheer us,
As we celebrate a life well lived,
With all the love that we can give.

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