Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sacred Union

Germany and Austria were our destination,
When my husband and I went on vacation,
There were many churches we had the chance to view,
Such a privilege to be able to do.

Centuries old churches in baroque style grandeur,
Magnificent biblical paintings in wondrous splendor,
Gilded angels and saints in gold,
Awe-inspiring to behold.

Mary figures with expressions of peace,
Lovingly gazing outward to bring all relief,
One feels the presence of God and his hosts,
Christ, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

I lit a candle in every church we went in,
And said a prayer for you in Heaven,
Silent tears I cried,
For our beloved son that died.

You are in spirit infused with joy,
In Heaven with all of God’s envoys,
A sacred union to look forward to,
When my life is over and I join you.

(Click pictures for larger version.)

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