Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Missing Piece

Blindsided, torn apart,
With a fractured, broken heart,
What am I here for?
My life is strewn across the floor,
Like a jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece,
Will I ever be at ease,
With the anguish inside of me,
For the picture that will never be?

The old picture that was you,
Was what I wanted, not something new;
I love you more than I can say,
And every day you've been away,
Leaves an empty space,
That nothing can ever replace;
Help me build my life anew,
Make it possible for me to do.

With God's help and all your love,
Show me what I am capable of,
That a new picture, while not the old,
Can still be worthwhile to hold;
Even though your body died,
I feel you always by my side,
The memory of our time together,
Will live with me forever.

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