Monday, November 23, 2009

Angelic Arms

Heavenly wings gently enfold,
Cradle me and comfortingly hold,
I cannot live each day in grief,
Rock me softly and bring relief.

Whisper words of joy and peace,
Acceptance and thanks to help and ease,
Songs of love to soothe the soul,
Repairing my heart to make it whole.

Swaying gently in angelic arms,
Safe from all earthly harms,
I will find the strength to take,
All the choices I need to make.

A leap of faith with soul conviction,
Love without any restriction,
Held close, then let go,
With divine assurance to come to know.

We are always surrounded by heavenly care,
Help me to become more aware,
To focus on the gifts through time,
Bestowed upon us by the divine.

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