Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Sweet Little Tammy Dog

Our sweet little Tammy dog,
Is laid to rest in our backyard,
Beside my son's apple tree,
The perfect place for her to be.

My son and Tammy were very fond,
Of each other and shared a bond,
And when my son planted his trees,
Tammy was there enjoying the breeze.

Eighteen months ago my son passed away,
And three weeks ago Tammy was placed in her grave,
A birthday present fifteen years ago,
For my children to love and know.

A dog's life span is not very long,
We knew that one day she would be gone,
But the shock of a child dying before your dog,
Seems impossible to be allowed.

From my window I can see Tammy's grave,
And I remember the love that she gave,
It's comforting to know that she and my son,
Are together again having fun.

I am working on being happy for all of the years,
That we had together and not the tears,
Because the love and memories live inside of me,
Held close and cherished with the years left to be.

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strokeofliving said...

This is a beautiful photo of your beautiful family that will always exist in your heart.

Claire Ann, your poetry is always so very moving in its simplicity. Where you find the faculty to write through monumental heartbreak is a mystery to me. But that's okay, it's your gift not mine.

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