Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shattered by Loss

Broken and bleeding at the foot of the cross,
Shattered by my loss,
Every day I pray and say,
Please, God, take this pain away.

The burden is much too heavy for me to bear,
Let me become more aware,
Of a world that I cannot clearly see,
Comforted by the touch of divinity.

I long to feel the angels' wings,
To hear heavenly choirs that sing,
I want to feel God’s love,
And know that I am taken care of.

The universe is vast, and I am small,
But I am part of it all,
Clear away my doubts and fears,
Build my faith in coming years.

Show me what my part is,
I want to more fully live,
To put together my broken pieces,
Assured that love never ceases.

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