Tuesday, November 3, 2009


No one can mourn for you,
It’s a process you have to go through;
Working, playing, sleeping or awake,
There is no escape.

We can’t wish it away,
Or bring back prior days;
The grief is always sitting there,
And you are constantly aware.

That we will never again see,
The son who meant the world to me,
Adjusting to this devastation,
When your world has lost its foundation.

Is something I could never have imagined,
How could this have happened?
My anchor is no longer here,
The purpose I have not as clear.

Which direction do I go,
It’s so hard for me to know,
I just wanted to be your mom,
I can’t believe that you are gone.

Stay with me in spirit form,
In new faith I will be born,
The power of love will bring us together,
Because the ties of love can never sever.

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