Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Gift of Love

Six months after our son passed away,
Was our daughter’s wedding day,
The plans had already been in place,
For us all to anticipate.

Our son had planned to design her invitations,
His gift for this joyous occasion,
His graphic design skills would have meant so much,
Giving our daughter’s day an extra special touch.

A gift of love from his heart,
That he was unable to start,
And though he wasn’t physically there,
His presence was felt everywhere.

Our son’s death was so tragic,
But the wedding had a feeling of magic,
People commented on the love they felt,
The sense of family and joy throughout.

Looking back I wonder how I got things done,
And realize it was with the help of my son,
With the aid of a heavenly team,
To help us still realize a wedding day dream.

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