Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When I Learned That You Had Died

This picture was taken Thanksgiving 2006 at Graham's grandparents'.

When I learned that you had died,
I was numb inside,
I was in disbelief, I didn’t cry,
I just couldn’t fathom why.

Just that morning we were on the phone,
Talking about plans for coming home,
You were only an hour away,
I said next weekend would be OK.

The previous weekend you’d been here,
It was wonderful you lived so near,
Many college students live far away,
But you could always come home and stay.

What a gift that was for us,
We never had to adjust,
To you being much too far,
To ever get to you by car.

You were home for all occasions,
Adding to the celebrations,
For being young and twenty-two,
We had the most possible time that we could have with you.

I wonder now if that was planned,
As compensation by a Divine hand,
Knowing that you were never meant to be,
Here for the years we thought you’d be.

The pain is beyond what I can say,
Ever since you passed away,
So many moments are bittersweet,
With our family now incomplete.

Within my heart there is a hole,
That travels to my very soul,
I pray that in victory we will meet,
Not in agony and defeat.

So I work hard each day,
To remember with thankfulness and praise,
Every year we had with you,
And all the joy and love we knew.


strokeofliving said...

This is one of your longer poems and just as lovely as the others. As usual great job Claire Ann.

Unknown said...

This one is beautiful.....

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