Sunday, October 25, 2009

When "Other People" Becomes You

I could empathize and sympathize,
Before my son died,
When hearing of other people’s losses,
Spouses, siblings, friends, and bosses.

I would be sad,
But of course be so glad,
That it wasn’t me,
Undergoing such tragedy.

You never really imagine,
That it could ever happen,
To you or your family,
How could that be?

And then the unthinkable comes true,
The “other people” becomes you,
And you realize that you never really knew,
What those “other people” were actually going through.

When your world comes crashing down,
Without a single sound,
You feel as if you’re all alone,
When your child will never be coming home.

You could have one child or ten,
It doesn’t matter when,
You know that no one can take the place,
Of that one precious child’s face.

My life is in pieces,
I pray this anguish eases,
As I work to rebuild my life,
Nothing now feels right.

Focusing on the blessings won,
When God gifted us with our son,
Is what I work to concentrate on,
Now that he is physically gone.

Though our life will never be the same,
The love will forever remain,
So with every breath that I breathe,
My son is still alive with me.


Unknown said...

I lost my daughter in August and you never realize the pain you go through till you have lost a child. Patricia is my oldest daughter, beautiful heart, mind and soul. I miss her so much. Love her dearly.

Anonymous said...

my beautiful daughter went to Heaven 11-12-11...miss her daily. I pray GOD takes me before he takes my only child I have left , my son...I don't think I could go thru this pain n grieve again. May GOD comfort all of the parents going thru this sorrow n grieve. <3

Unknown said...

I lost my son June 1, 2013 by his friends hands. They took away a father, son, brother and friend. We never got to say good bye- to hold his hand or anything. They deprived us all of that. We love and miss him so dearly. Our hearts break everyday!

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