Monday, October 26, 2009

Rainbow From Heaven

When my son was a senior in high school he took a Biology class.  As part of a project for the class he took some seeds from an apple that he had eaten and planted them in the Biology lab.  Four apple trees started to grow!   At the end of the school year he brought them home.  They looked like little twigs.  He put them in pots out on our deck.  The following April we moved and bought a new home when my husband retired from the military.  We were all so happy to be in our new home and to not have to move any more.  One of the first things that Graham did when he was home over the summer from college was to plant his four apple trees in our backyard.  I watched him as he planted his trees.  Our little dog was out there with him as he worked.  I remember thinking that it was one of those perfect moments.

The first Spring after Graham died, his apple trees bloomed for the first time.  My husband and I went out in the yard to look at them.   I was standing at one of his trees crying and talking to Graham and saying,"Do you see your trees,Graham?  Do you see how beautiful they are?"  My husband took a picture of the tree.  When we downloaded it on the computer, there was a rainbow beside it!  We were amazed.  Graham lets us know in many ways that he is still with us.  We are so grateful for the gift of his apple trees.  Thank you, Graham. We love you.

Thank you for the rainbow you enabled us to see,
Beside your blossoming apple tree,
What a beautiful symbol of,
Your continuous presence and love.

The colors were pure and bright,
In the afternoon light,
Violet and yellow, green and blue,
A gift of Spirit given by you.

Tears were running down my face,
It was almost like feeling your embrace,
I miss you being physically here,
Your human form so warm and dear.

It helps when I am feeling low,
To think about your lovely rainbow,
A bridge between your world and mine,
Another one of your heavenly signs.

With a heart broken open,
In God's devotion,
We'll move beyond preconceived notions,
Limiting views and human emotions.

Because there is no greater bond than love,
It's what the universe is made of,
And with the greater knowing of all is one,
There is no separation, my precious son.

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