Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Circle of Love

This is a family picture taken on Mother's Day 2007.

Minutes to hours to days to weeks,
Months to years time slowly creeps,
It’s still hard to believe that you are not here,
That doesn’t change whatever the year.

We thought that you would marry and bring home a wife,
Adding another dimension to our life,
And hopefully there would have been your children to hold,
A circle of family more precious than gold.

These dreams with you we will not see,
None of them meant to be,
We have to treasure the years that we shared,
Remembering how much we all cared.

A beautiful family built on a foundation of love,
That we were all blessed to be a part of,
We may never understand why you are gone,
Or why the rest of us have to live on.

But we will keep your memory alive,
With all of the love we hold inside.
Cherishing every moment that we had together,
You will live in our hearts forever.

Forgotten you will never be,
Forever integral to our family,
Our circle of love will once more unite,
When we join together in God’s holy light.

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