Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Mother's Tears

The title for my blog came from this poem.

A Mother's Tears

I have cried a river of tears,
This past year;
I know that I am not alone,
So many others called home,
All of our tears mingle,
They are never single,
United in our grief,
Struggling to find relief.

I pray the tears cleanse my soul,
Mend the hole,
That now is in my life,
Take away the strife.

Divine Spirit fill the gloom,
So that I may bloom,
With spiritual eyes,
To realize,
That what affects one, affects another.

There are so many mothers,
With empty arms and crying eyes,
Asking God, why?
Help us find the peace we seek,
To live our lives to teach,
That family is a treasure and,
That love is forever.

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