Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gift of Spirit

The poem in the first post below is the first poem that I wrote. It was February 12, 2009, eight months ago. I have never written poetry, and had no thought of doing so. That afternoon I had the words, "Only son, treasured one," go through my mind. I wrote the words down so that I wouldn't forget them. I continued writing, and when I read over what I had written, I realized it was a poem! I knew that something unusual had happened - I didn't consciously write that poem. That same night, as soon as I went to bed, I had rhyming words go through my mind again. I got out of bed to write them down. In the next hour or so I wrote two more poems! The floodgates seemed to have opened. As of today I have written 143 poems. They are coming from deep inside myself, and I believe they are a gift of Spirit.

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Unknown said...

My little boy Ari went home to Heaven 6 months ago - I am so cherishing these songs from your heart here!!

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