Friday, October 23, 2009

Forever Our Son

It’s the second September since you passed away,
The second anniversary to visit your grave,
Your dad and I stood there in disbelief,
To lose our son and be in grief.

We placed a bouquet of flowers of red and gold,
Vibrant Fall colors to behold,
Above the gravestone with your name,
And contemplated how our lives have changed.

One day your dad and I,
Will be lying by your side,
One gravestone sharing the Stevenson name,
A family linked together again.

Gravestones are the visible signs,
Of lives lived through time,
But it is in dying that we are reborn,
Returning to spirit form.

Physically now separated, that is true,
But we are never apart from you,
Forever you will be our son,
Eternally linked in love as one.

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