Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Gift From Heaven

Thank you for the poetry,
That has begun flowing through me,
I know it’s from deep inside myself,
I’m so grateful for this angelic help.

The words bring some sweet relief,
To all these months of constant grief,
A sense of satisfaction too,
Because I feel more attuned with you.

I hope to share these poems with others,
There are so many mothers,
That have also had a child die,
And are desperately wondering why.

Maybe these words of mine,
Will help to soothe for a time,
Any comfort that I can impart,
To help mend a broken heart.

Helps me also as I learn to heal,
With what still feels so unreal,
Nothing will ever take the pain away,
But I think it softens day by day.

As life continues and we go on,
Without that precious physical bond,
We begin to more clearly see,
That we are not our earthly body.

Our loved ones never go away,
They are present in a different way,
And with an open heart and an open mind,
What we think is lost, we find.

I am so grateful to have this connection,
Of love and grace giving direction,
With comfort and validation, knowing within,
That physical death is not the end.

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