Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Mother's Love Will Never Die

Every day as I dress,
Going through my jewelry I select,
Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings,
For whatever comfort they might bring.
Like putting on a suit of armor,
They provide protection and honor,
All the memories I have of you,
And the bond of love that we knew.

I have jewelry with crystals to soothe and to heal,
Angels and Madonnas with their love to feel,
Winged things representing the signs,
You send to me in many designs.

Beautiful dragonflies in different colors,
Butterflies to softly flutter,
Hummingbirds to dangle from my ears,
All worn with bittersweet tears.

Jewelry about being a mom,
Lord, help me to be strong,
I am trying my best,
But every day is a test.

I have a bracelet with the Lord’s Prayer,
Inspirational necklaces with verses of love and care,
A gold shooting star that represents your life,
Bright and shining, but only briefly in sight.

Hearts that represent the love,
Of a son I thought the world of,
Small comforts to help me face,
What time will never erase.

Because no matter how long we cry,
A mother’s love will never die,
Like the mother-child ring that I wear each day,
Nothing can take this bond away.

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