Friday, October 16, 2009

People Don't Know What to Say

People Don't Know What to Say

People don't know what to say,
When a loved one passes away;
“ Keep a stiff upper lip,”
What a terrible quip;
No one to blame,
Their life is the same.

One can never truly fathom,
A world without a loved one with them,
And don't even want to think,
How life can change in a blink;
More comfortable to ignore,
They go on as before.

So thankful for the people who,
With love and empathy come through,
To help me make it one more day,
When it seems there is no way.

Even in the darkest times,
Spirit somehow seems to find,
A way to impart,
Things to help mend the heart;
A card, a hug, a telephone call,
Things that may seem small,
Mean so much when you wonder when,
You will ever feel whole again.

I am now more aware,
To show others greater care,
So that I might unknowingly,
Lift one up who is in need.

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